Public Presence

No-profit organization Bitcoin God, aims to create a safe, stable and efficient TRON node. We are a technical group of warm-hearted Public welfare undertaking, we have built a democratic, open and transparent public welfare community based on blockchain technology. In our community all the people concerned public welfare can invest and supervise the areas of interest freely and equally. It is an equal community, and there is no injustice here because of the concentration of absolute power. We believe and invest in our passion, knowledge and faith. We will make positive contributions to the community, and we are confident that our blockchain based community will be a model for public welfare undertakings.


Bitcoin God


California, USA

We understand what you are concerning about

Voters not only need to consider about the technology and equipment specifics of a super representative candidate but also need to think about the benefits and responsibilities they could take.

We are a free, open and transparent community, every voter who votes for us will automatically become a member of this community. In accordance with the constitution of TRON, without violating the local law of the members' country, community members can supervise the operating procedures of our node and obtain benefits.

Meet our team

Chandler Guo

Chandler Guo

Team Leader

Mr. Chandler Guo is a famous angel investor, an early preacher of BitCoin,and the founder of digital currency circle training club called "digital currency circle Huangpu military academy". He was chief advisor of several famous ICO projects, the first originator and promoter of the world charity ecological blockchain project "BitcoinGod", and he dedicates to promote and develop global blockchain business.

Bryant Huang

Bryant Huang

Technical Leader

Mr. Bryant Huang has rich experience in blockchain based application scenario landing. He has token charge and participated in many blockchain application research, such as targeted poverty reduction,medical area,private equity,culture area,campus credit and exchange. He has also participated many blockchain based economic model design.

Mandy Yao

Mandy Yao

Market Supervisor

Miss. Mandy Yao obtained master degree from Central South University of China. She is former chief editor of blockchain area vertical media “share finance”. She has experience of interviewing domestic and foreign mainstream blockchain project executives and being market manager in Suzhou Tongji Fintech Research Institute market department. She is experienced in project promotion and media resources.

Allen Zhou

Allen Zhou

Government Advisor

Mr. Allen Zhou graduated from Tongji University and participated in China government blockchain policy writing work. He is the early member of Tongji University fintech lab. He has won the third prize as team leader in the first blockchain development competition held by ministry of industry and information technology of PRC. He is experienced in blockchain project operation and training.

Lonky Ding

Lonky Ding

Community Supervisor

Mr. Lonky Ding is master of management in Tongji University,and Vice president of financial science and technology club of Tongji University. He is experienced in blockchain project incubator. He has pushed forward and implemented several blockchain business models,and he also was in charge and operated several blockchain projects successfully. He built a community with over 100 thousand members.

James Zhao

James Zhao

Community Supervisor

Mr. James Zhao is Co-founder of BitcoinGod foundation and the founder of SVFIRST. Mr. Zhao is the former partner of Axi angel fund. He also was the co-founder of GarageCafe, Beijing and GarageCafe, North America. Director of operation of 1More and Yuneec UAV. Has talent in business negotiation, brand image building and promoting, and project and community operator. He is experienced in organizing hundreds of private parties and large-scale activity.

Cheryl Zhan

Cheryl Zhan

Business Designer

Ms. Cheryl Zhan has Chinese and German cross-cultural education background. She is sensitive to the commercial value of new science and technology, and she has strong business development cooperation ability and insight. Ms. Zhan established the first commercial design team in the public welfare field. Originator of IAESTE-Hangzhou, Launched the silicon valley talent program.

Warm-hearted people in charity

in random order

XiaHu Chu

Co-founder of Metaverse Fund

Aries Wang

Co-Founder of BiBox


Partner of AU21 Capital

Chang Luo

BlockChain Investor /Google top secret Tech Lead

Sean Walsh

Founder of Redwood City Ventures

Dong Zhao

Founder of the Dfund Capital

Lin Li

Founder of Huobi

Jun Du

Co-founder of Huobi

HongFei Da

Founder of NEO

Gang Wu

Founder of HaoBtc

Jihan Wu

Bitmain CEO

Yi He

Co-founder of Binance

Fei Liu

Huobi Pro COO

Liaoliao Zhang

Founder of

Linke Yang

Co-founder of BitChina, Consultant of bitcoin diamond China.

Haifeng Liu

Founder of STBCHAIN

Xinxing Duan

Founder of Bytom

Mingzhao Li

CEO of Maverick Chain

Hao Chen

Viewfin CTO

Riconi You

Finwise Co-founder

Xiaodong Xu

Director of the recreational community&COO

Emmie Chang

Superbloom CEO

Talal Tabbaa

Co-Founder Jibrel Network

Jian Xiong

The founder and CEO of the future network technology co., LTD

Renjie Li

Foxconn HCM capital managing partner


Chairman of BTC123

Feng Han

Columbia University visiting researcher, CO-founder of Elastos.

Dawei Li

Founder of ZB.COM.

Hao Zeng

Co-founder of Fujian Blockchain Club and Founder of Ant Blockchain Alliance.

Jianliang Shao

Bi Sheng Capital founder ,Zhejiang Investment and Financing Association Executive Deputy Secretary-general.

Zeyu Sun

Co-founder of Kushen

Zongxin Peng

Bi Sheng Capital founder ,Zhejiang Investment and Financing Association Executive Deputy Secretary-general.

Mingwei Sun

Founder ofBlock

Lianwei Lin

Founder of the GCS game chain

Xiong Li

Founder &CEO of Chainfor

Cyrus Khajvandi

NSF&HHMI Researcher, Stanford Univerisity, Co-founder & CEO of

Justin He


YangBing Zhang

CEO of Coinbene


Super Player Chain CEO

Shufei Li


Changpeng Zhao

Founder of Binance

Yuchen Sun

Founder of TRON

Huo Xingren

Founder of HSR

Mingxing Xu

Founder of OkCoin

Shousong Zhang

CEO of Btctrade

Xia Chang

Founder of 8BTC

Yuan Yao

Founder of

Dejun Qian


Hao Wen

Founder of Bither

Charlie LEE

Founder of LIteCoin

Zhuoer Jiang


Hehong Lin

Founder of Bodhi

Guoquan Li

Professor of Singapore Management University

Huaiqiang Wang

Bitstar CEO

Binsheng Wang

Distinguished Professor of Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

Hang Gao

CEO of Baoquan

Jiapeng Lin

Founder of LinkVC

Ming Li

Founder of AIChain

Haitao Qian

Founder of MooreChain

Mingxiao Wu

Founder of GM Investment Management co., Ltd.

David Roebuck

Founder of Sora Capital

Xiaolai Li

Blockchain Investor

Gang Xu

Founder of Cloudchain

Weiqing Yang

President of IResearch

Super Representative


Super representative Candidate before 26th June 2018

We have experienced development teams, and we have multiples success stories in blockchain. We are currently using the official recommended configuration (shows above). Our test node are arranged in Western United States (Northern California).

Be Appointed as super representative after 26th June 2018

After June 26th, 2018, we plan to expand the current test node using the official recommended configuration, to realize service coverage across the United States.
At the same time, we will develop from single node to multi-node. We plan to set up full function nodes in Eastern United States (northern Virginia), eastern United States (Ohio), western United States (Oregon). Nodes construction and maintenance are divided into two categories, one for team self-constructed and the other for joining node. The equipment requirements of the joining node need to meet the minimum standards of our team. After proper training, we will allow the joining node access. Our team will provide technical support, and the joining node need to accept the supervision and management of our team.

Community Support

In our understanding, TRON is not only a blockchain project, it is a small society built on blockchain. It provides a platform for all people who interested in exploring new forms of democracy, freedom, equality and mutual trust. This platform will be made up of communities with different goals in many different areas, just as our real society. The focus of our team is in public welfare undertakings, and we plan to move public welfare service to the blockchain. We will establish a public welfare service community based on TRON platform. Our community welcomes all those who share our aspirations to participate, and the community encourages all legitimate ideas and practices.